The Group Photograph

T his is the group that I managed to keep away from their lunch. There are only 136 people on it, so I missed a few! If you place your mouse cursor over a face the name of the person will show up, but only where I know it. If I do not have your name, PLEASE let me know. Click here to email me: Polly Rubery.
Many thanks.

Kenneth John Rowburrey Marlene Rowburrey Penny Adams Kenneth Rowburrey Peter Stewart Rubery Susan Jane Reynolds Stewart Rowberry Mike Rubery Marlene Rubery Yvonne Withington Randall Withington Les Withington Joyce Otterstrom Linda Rowberry Ian Stewart Rubery Vaughan Castle Roy Rowberry Frances Searson Leonard Searson Howard Payne Darrell Rowbury Judy Rowbury Colin Wood Rev. Christine Rowberry Dawn Castle Geoffrey Rowberry Sue Eaton  Chell Rosemary Mayall Bob Smith Clive Jones Sharron Grover  Rowberry Stewart Rowberry Joan Smith Tim Rowberry Sue Adams Chris Rowbury Ray Rowberry Betty Cowie Stanley Wyatt Pam Rowberry Jill Rowberry Cam Rowberry Linda Hansen John Rubery Barry Appleyard Lilian Donald Margaret Hatton Zac Rubery Paul Rubery Elizabeth Williamson Keri Rubery Lauren Rubery Linda Ames Carrie Ames Nicky Rowberry Polly Rubery
Picture by courtesy of Newsteam

RONS-Family Gathering

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