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The last update to Our Family Grove was Wednesday, 7 Sep 1999

This is the last update that Rick's son Marcos could find the files for.  I am not sure if the web page was ever updated after this.  If so sadly I do not have the files.
At that time Rick wrote:

Well, we've finished (almost) moving to our new home in the Tacoma, WA area.... Once we've settled in, I'll attempt to get back to improving and editing these pages. Thanks for bearing with me.

A number of people have written to confirm or verify information I have here.  In most cases, I share the names and e-mails of the researchers.  If we do have differences, we'll try to resolve them the best we can.


I will include surnames on this site for any cousins who are willing to prepare an outline and send it to me.  Please e-mail me [see below] if you have any questions or comments. You'll notice that I haven't included the last two or three generations in these family outlines.  That's to protect family members' privacy.I hope to add stories and photos links to the names in these outlines over time.  If any of you would like to participate in this, please let me know.

I do update these pages as I receive new information.  I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a genealogist.  I am a compiler--and a ferreter--of other people's work.  Sometimes errors occur--if you tell me what you think is in error, I will either fix the information or provide alternative information when there is a difference of opinion. 

Much of the information reflected here has been provided by people who are skilled in tracing family lines.  There are so many to thank now, that I've tried to attribute the information or photographs on the appropriate pages.  If I've neglected to mention you, PLEASE, let me know.  It's not intentional, but more a reflection of my poor organization and my use of time.

The Holloway information has been pieced together from a multitude of sources--much of it from the book, Holloways of the South and Allied Families, C J Stevens, ed. (New Orleans, Polyanthos, 1977; 1021pp, indexed). Please note that any errors you might find are my responsibility, not anyone else.  I will happily correct any errors you may find.

I hope you enjoy! 
Richard C. "Doc" Holloway

If you have any corrections or additions to make you will now have to contact me, Polly Rubery.
It is not my intention to research any of these lines in future myself (except of course the ROWBERRYs!), but I will try to keep this site as useful as possible. For this I need your help!
Polly Rubery
January 2003

Acevedo - Rosa
Puerto Rico
Aquino - Reyes
Canary Islands>Puerto Rico
SC about 1785
Cruz - Ydelfonzo
Puerto Rico
Midlothian, SCT>IRL>PA>NC

about 1620
Donegal, IRL>PA>GA>UT
about 1680
Cheshire, ENG>VA>AL>TN
about 1688
Ger>NY 1620
Oxfordshire, ENG>VA>AL>TX
about 1555 
ENG>VA>NC 1600
Laura's Ancestors
SCT>VA>SC>GA about 1695
ENG>KY>IL about 1750
ENG>VA before 1615
Fredericks, VA about 1736
IRL>SC 1782
about 1725
ENG>UT about 1748
Virginia about 1752
Santiago - Aquino
Canary Islands>Puerto Rico
NC>TN before 1767
North Carolina about 1700
VA before 1682
HallCo, GA before 1835
SC before 1743
ENG>KY>IL>MT before 1800
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