The RUBERY Family of Rubery, Owen & Co

This tree shows the RUBERYs who are related to the brothers who set up the firm which eventually became the Rubery, Owen & Co engineering firm in Darlaston. It was the tree which inspired me to begin my One-Name study, because, following family legend, I had spent a long time researching this family, believing it to be the origin of my great-great-great-grandfather George RUBERY. However when I discovered that he had been born in Herefordshire I was reluctant to discard all my research. As I write this no definite link has been proved between my tree and this one, although again it hasn't been entirely ruled out either. It is my hope that the ROWBERRY Y DNA Project may shed more light on this, and prove it one way or another.
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Last revised: 15th May 2012
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