Bishop John Rowberry's descendants
Hillah Floyd Rowberry West
Mary Ann Gollaher Rowberry
  The 3rd child of John and Mary and their first son, John, is where this story continues as he is my Great Great Grandfather.  John married at the age of 23 to a widow,   Hannah Elizabeth Barber Jenkins, in 1845 Nauvoo, Illinois.  Hannah was 32 years old   when she married John and the widow of Edward Jenkins, and had 2 children, Mary abt 6 yrs old and Sarah around 2   years old.  After leaving Nauvoo on their way to Salt Lake, they stopped at Council Bluffs, Iowa where John and Hannah had 2 children: Joseph and John Edward.  John and Hannah had started the long Trek from Nauvoo to Salt Lake with 4 small children in the year 1848 with Ezra T Benson’s company of Mormons.
    John and Hannah had 4 children:
1)  Joseph A b April 11, 1846 Council Bluffs, IA  d. Dec 17, 1916 Iona, ID
2)  John Edward b June 22, 1848 Council Bluffs, IA  d. Nov 23, 1922
3)  Permelia b abt 1850 Salt Lake City, Utah  d. Bef 1860
4)  Eliza b Feb 29, 1852 Tooele, Utah  d. Aug 30, 1949 Tooele
  Crossing the plains with the Ezra T. Benson Company, John reached Utah in the fall  of 1849, and, on December 21, 1849 came to Tooele Valley to determine the  suitability of that region for grazing cattle on.  After finding it a good place to settle,  John and 15 other families were sent there to establish a permanent settlement.  John  Rowberry  became the civic and ecclesiastical leader of Tooele, he was also chosen  to become Tooele’s first represenative to the Territorial Legislature.  John was a  member of the school board, Tooele’s first Mayor and Postmaster.  He also raised live stock, both cattle and sheep.
Hannah died of  “Inflamation of the Lungs” on Oct 3, 1852 in Tooele at the age of 39,   just 7 months after giving birth to Eliza.  That left John with 6 children ages - 13, 10, 6,  4, 2 and 7 months and with his many duties in the Church, he needed help.  Mary  Ann Gollaher, a widow with 2 children, came to help and the children called her Aunt Polly.  John marries 23 year old, Mary Ann, just 4 months after Hannah’s death on  January 31, 1853 in Salt Lake.  Mary Ann was born July 23, 1829 Clinton, Ill to William Gollaher and Elizabeth Orton.  She died August 23, 1906 Tooele at the age of 77.
  John and Mary Ann had 9 children:
1)  William Gollaher b Dec 29, 1853  Tooele  d. May 1, 1882 Oakley, ID
2)  Ezra T b May 6 1857 Tooele  d. Oct, 25, 1943 Tooele
3)  Elizabeth b 1858, Tooele  d. Hagerman, ID
4)  Anna Shettie b August 19, 1860 Tooele  d. Jan 19, 1919 Rock Creek, ID
5)  George P. b Dec 29, 1862 Tooele  d. Feb 17, 1906 Tooele
6)  Brigham Heber b Sept 19, 1864 Tooele  d. Dec 8, 1922 Tooele
7)  Edith b April 1868 Tooele  d. Nov 1959
8)  Issac Chet b June 11, 1870 Tooele  d. June 21, 1872 Tooele
9)  Hillah Floyd b Dec 14, 1873  d. Nov 21, 1957 Bozeman, MT

   John took a second wife, as was the custom then, and married Mary Ann’s sister, 17 year old Harriet Frances Gollaher, on November 28, 1856 in Salt Lake City.  John had 9 children to support (4 were step children) at the time he takes his second wife.   Harriet Frances was born January 20, 1839 Caldwell, ILL.   She died February 20,   1929 Grantsville at the age of 90.  Harriet lived first at what is known as the "Mill" about six miles north of Tooele City.  Later she moved to Grantsville where she spent the remainder of her life.  When the first Relief Society was organized in Grantsville in  1869, she was made a counselor which office she held until it was reorganized in   1871.   Harriet took in Boarders to help support her and her children after John died.
   John and Harriet Frances had 10 children:
1)  Edward Alonzo b Oct 15, 1857 Tooele  d. March 11, 1912 Tooele
2)  Harriet Frances b May 25, 1860 Milton  d. Jan 30, 1953 Salt Lake City
3)  Alice b Aug 6, 1862 Millsville  d. Dec 3, 1943 Cedar City, UT
4)  Alonzo Orton b Aug 13, 1864 Grantsville   d. Sept 6, 1945 Grantsville
5)  Ephraim b Jan 8, 1867 Grantsville   d. April 21, 1924
6)  Emma Permelia b Mar 20 1869 Grantsville  d. June 19, 1948 Salt Lake City
7)  Anna Belle b Feb 1, 1871 Grantsville   d. May 8, 1892
8)  Lillian b July 14, 1874 Grantsville   d. July 6, 1951
9)  Claudius Ray b July 20, 1877 Grantsville   d. August 10, 1955 Ogden, UT
10) Laurence Le Roy b Feb 16, 1880 Quincy d. July 27, 1926 Quincy, UT

  John takes another wife and marries 25 year old Charlotte Clark on October 24, 1870 Salt Lake City.  Charlotte was born August 25, 1845 in Nauvoo, Illinois to Thomas Henry Clark and Charlotte Gayley.  Charlotte died September 20, 1923 Grantsville at the age of 78.  John built a brick and adobe house for Charlotte in Grantsville where she lived and raised her family.  She was 38 years old when here husband died leaving her to support herself and five small children ages 13 to 4 years.
  John and Charolotte Clark had 6 children:
1)  Thomas Clark  August 7, 1871 Grantsville  d.Feb 3, 1914 Cardston, AB, CA
2)  Charlotte Elizabeth b Mar 7, 1873 Grantsville d.Nov 16, 1934 Homestead, PA
3)  Ellen Ann b May 18, 1875 Grantsville  d. 1950
4)  Mary Agnes b July 12, 1877 Grantsville    d. Feb 1923
5)  Sarah Alice b Nov 14, 1879 Grantsville   d. 1951
6)  Eva M b Jan 5, 1883 Grantsville   d. March 10, 1883 Grantsville

   The 5th of April, 1884, Salt Lake Herald reported that Ex-Bishop John Rowberry died at his ranch in Tooele County, at 11:10 a.m. yesterday of heart disease.  Services  were held on Tuesday the 8th, at 2 p.m., in the meeting house at Tooele.  Every seat  was occupied, many relatives being present in the congregation.  Among the speakers were Bishop T. Atkin, Jr., R. Meiklejohn, A. Parker, T. Atkin, Sr., S.W. Bryan, Wm  Jeffries, Thomas Lee and Bishop Moses Martin, who all spoke of the worth and   faithfulness, and the good example given them by the teachings and life of the  deceased.  The remains were followed to the cemetery by 61 carriages.
  John Rowberry’s gravestone reads:
Bishop 1850-1876
Toeeles Representative Territorial Legislature 1851-1867
Chief Justice Toooele County Court 1851
Mayor Tooele City 1853-1857-1879
Probate Judge Tooele County 1865-1874

  Bishop John Rowberry was the father to 29 children and 4 step children.  He lived a  busy life with all his duties in the Church, Community and home.  There are still  unanswered questions and maybe someday they will be answered, but I have found  more information on the Rowberry’s than I ever thought possible when I first started,  thanks to the many people who have shared and provided me with so much on this  family.  John’s 9th child with Mary Ann is my Great Grandmother Hillah, who died  when I was 7 years old, I really don’t remember her, but I do remember my mother  getting the phone call telling us that she had passed away and how sad my mom was. Great Grandmother Hillah was truly loved and well respected by her family and pupils who she taught and I wished that I could have know her.