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My favorite hobby is Genealogy! I have only been at this for a couple of years and have been very lucky to find distant cousins from the US, Canada and England in my search. Itís great to correspond with others who share an interest in unlocking the mysteries of our past.
Polly Rubery has helped me a great deal in my Rowberry and West research, visit her site at: "Rowberry" One-Name Study to find more Rowberrys!
If you have any questions or additions to what I have here, please contact me.

Here are some of the surnames I am working on:

AMES, Walter 1857 Boston, MA

ALTHOUSE, Elizabeth, 1786 PA to Althaus, Johannes 1721 Elsoff, GER

ANDERSON, Alice 1867 KS to ANDERSON Robert, 1816 Dublin, IRE

BONEWITZ, Margaret 1830 OH to BONEWITZ, Jacob 1761 PA

CHAMBERLIN, Frank Jay 1863 IA to CHAMBERLAIN , Frances 1579 ENG

CUMMINGS, Mary 1873 IA to CUMMINGS, Hiram IA

CULBERTSON, Frances 1783 to CULBERTSON, James abt 1620 Midlothian, Canangate, Scotland

FAY, Mercy 1836 VT to FAY, Ben VT

FRYBERGER, Jacob 1733 Germany

FUCHS, Anna Margaret 1747 PA to FUCHS, Jacob PA

GOLLAHER, Mary Ann 1829 IL to O'GOLLAHER, James, 1680 Claghaunty, Paris, Donegal Ireland

GRIGSBY, Maria 1850 OH to GRIGSBY, Edward 1804 PA

HOFMIESTER, Elizabeth 1855 Saxony, GER

HOLLENBECK, William 1855 IA to HALLENBECK, Casper Jacobse 1620 GER

HOLMES, Sarah 1802 Toronto, CAN

LLOYD, Jane 1829 Ontario, CAN to LLOYD, William 1797 ENG

MEGSON, Frances 1846 Yorkshire, ENG to MEGSON, Thomas abt 1765 Somerset, ENG

PARRY, Richard 1771 Munsley, ENG

ROWBERRY, JOHN 1748 Thornbury, Herefordshire ENG

RUTHERFORD, John H 1872 TN to RUTHERFORD, John T 1752 VA

WEST, Robert 1806 Market Weighton, ENG

ZARTH, John 1843 Pumerania, GER

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Hillah Floyd Rowberry West
Hillah Floyd Rowberry West

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