The RUBERRY Family of Chicago

This family had their origins in Ireland. The tree has been built up from details found in the US censuses and from information kindly shared with me by family members. John Laurence RUBERRY has been particularly helpful, not only with information about his own family but also in tracking down information about an Alfred RUBERY who was one of the five men arrested as privateers on 15 Mar 1863 when the schooner J M Chapman was seized in San Francisco Bay!
John told me that his father had been interested in the family history and the RUBERRY surname. He said "My recollections of my father's family history discussions is that his great grandfather was also a John RUBERRY, who emigrated from Ireland to Chicago in 1850, a potato famine refugee, most likely. Most of his descendants, like myself, still live in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs.
"His son Joseph Henry was born in Ireland, a family death certificate indicates "Galloway, Ireland." We think this should have been actually "Galway." Joseph was a Civil War veteran, fighting on the northern side."
So far nothing has been found to prove whereabouts in Ireland the family came from, although the census shows that Joseph Henry was born in Ireland about 1847. However a search of the Internet showed that he had indeed served in the 23rd Illinois Infantry Regiment, the Irish Brigade, during the Civil War. A summary of the history of the 23rd can be found online.
They apparently saw a lot of action late in the civil war, taking part in the 1864 Shenandoah campaign in Virginia which destroyed the breadbasket of the South; the Battle of Petersburg which was the largest siege battle fought on the continent, and led to the fall of the Confederate Capital, Richmond. And as John's father had told him, the brigade was present at General Robert E Lee's surrender at Appomattox.
There are other Irish families in the USA and Canada, and links to their trees will be found at the foot of the page. At present there is one other tree on my website. This is the USA RUBERY Tree, drawn up from information supplied by Daniel J RUBERY. John said "My father Jack RUBERRY corresponded with Dan a few times. Dan, I believe, made the first contact in the late 1970's. Unfortunately, we were not able to prove any relationship to Dan."
The recent updates include two sad deaths this year of two of the elder siblings in this family, and I'm also thankful to others who have helped me to update the tree since Ellen Ruberry shared the results of her research with me back in 2008. More help to fill in the gaps would be welcome - and also a volunteer to take a Y DNA Test. I already have one for another of the Irish RUBER(R)Y families and it would be very interesting to see how they compare.
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