The ROWBURY Family of Dudley & the USA

Showing the ROWBURY descendents of Joseph ROWBURY in the USA. Darrell Rowbury and Joyce Otterstrom have helped me a lot with this branch; as have quite a few other descendants in the USA. During my visit to the USA in 2001 and at RONS-2001 I was able to gather quite a bit more information, which has now been added to the tree. This came from members of the family that I met, and also from research that I did in the FHC at Idaho Falls and the FHL in Salt Lake City. My grateful thanks to all who helped me.
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The USA ROWBURY Family Most, but not all, of the present-day ROWBURYs in the USA are the descendants of Joseph ROWBURY who emigrated to the USA in 1873. Read his story here.

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