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ROWBERRY Tree Three shows the descendants of John ROWBERRY who married Elizabeth BARBER on 24 November 1767 at Humber, Herefordshire. Several branches retain the spelling ROWBERRY; in one branch the variant RUBERY became established, and two others have become ROWBURYs. Most of the present day ROWBURYs in the USA are from one of these branches. Another branch became ROWBURREY, all present day bearers of that variant will be found here - there is one family from this branch also in the USA. John was buried at Bromyard on the 23 April 1821 when his age was given as 86 years, indicating a birth of around 1735. So far no Baptism for a likely John has been discovered. This overview shows the different tree branches which comprise the overall tree, together with their file names and dates of latest revision.
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Joseph and James, two orphans of Bromyard The story of James Nean ROWBERRY and his brother Joseph Neal ROWBERRY, two orphans of Bromyard, and how it was researched.

The USA ROWBURY Family Most, but not all, of the present-day ROWBURYs in the USA are the descendants of Joseph ROWBURY who emigrated to the USA in 1873. Read his story here.

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